How often should you have a pregnancy massage?

How often should you have a pregnancy massage | Pregnancy Massage Surrey

How Often Should you Have a Pregnancy Massage?

One of the questions I get asked regularly is how often you should get a massage during pregnancy.

The answer depends on a lot of factors such as time, money etc… But taking all of those out of the equation here are my recommendations.

In my practice, I see my Mum’s to be after her 12th-week scan, so as long as nothing untoward is happening, a massage once every 4 weeks will help to keep everything supple and you relaxed.

Once you reach about week 25/26 the bump will be getting noticeably bigger now, so with changes in centre of gravity, this will put more strain on the lower back, which can cause aching, stiffness and possible sciatic symptoms.

Also, breasts will be getting bigger and heavier which will pull on the muscles in your neck and upper back, so you might be experiencing pain and stiffness both the upper back and neck, which could be triggering headaches if severe.

If you do find you are suffering from problems such as pelvic girdle pain, oedema or cramping , you might want to have a massage more regularly to help alleviate any pain and reduce any swelling.

But for general well-being, here is a list of the when I recommend having a pregnancy massage as a rough guidance only:

  • Week 12
  • Week 16
  • Week 20
  • Week 24
  • Week 25/26
  • Week 30
  • Week 35
  • Week 36
  • Week 37
  • Week 38
  • Week 39
  • Week 40+

Hope this helps, and if you have any other questions about pregnancy or massage, please leave them in the comments below, and I will blog about it.

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Well Mother – Pregnancy Massage Training

Pregnancy MassageI had the incredible pleasure of recently training with the renowned author of Pregnancy and Childbirth – A holistic approach to massage and bodywork – Suzanne Yates.

She has such an incredible amount of knowledge about pregnancy, labour and postnatal care, and I learnt so much from her and can’t wait to pass on my knowledge and new found techniques on to you.

During the training we learnt stretches and exercises that will help release the hips, getting the baby in an optimum position for labour, and also, movements and positions that will help during labour, as well as teach your birthing partner bodywork massage techniques to help.

We learnt techniques using an exercise ball, as this position allows greater access to the lower back, where a lot of tension and pain can build up, especially during the 3rd trimester.

Acupressure points that can help prime for a natural birth, which can be easily taught to both you and your birthing partner to do at home.

Also, we were taught how to work with women during the 1st trimester and higher risk pregnancies, we were also taught lymphatic draining techniques to help those suffering oedema.

Case Studies

As part of the course, I need pregnant client case studies, I am looking for one preferably in the 1st trimester and one in their 2nd trimester as I have two already in the 3rd trimester.

I would need to do a total of 4 massages on you, which would be in a side-lying position, with possible exercise and mobilisation techniques if needed.

I will be offering this at a discounted price of £25.00 per session instead of £40.00.  If you are interested in being my case study, then please give me a call on 07900-278253 or email me at

Update – Thank you, everyone, for your enquiries to be my case study, I now have my full quota of willing bodies.

Pregnancy and Postnatal Massage – The Benefits

Pregnancy Massage | Post-Natal Massage

As a specialist Pregnancy and Postnatal massage therapist, I thought in this blog post I would explain the benefits of regular massages during pregnancy and postnatally how it can help restore your body to a pre-pregnancy state.

During my pregnancy massage I use a special bodyCushion which allows you to lie on your front in total comfort and is very safe for you and your baby.  All my client’s love this cushion as they have not been able to lie on their fronts for quite some time.

I massage from the 12th week of pregnancy, once you have had your first scan and use the special cushion.  The cushion is also great to use once the baby is born as it has cut outs for the abdomen and chest area, which takes the pressure off those areas, especially when the milk is coming in.

I can also use Aromatherapy Essential Oils to enhance the benefits of the massage that are safe for both you and baby.  They are a huge benefit during pregnancy especially if you are suffering sciatica, cramp, aches and pains and stretch marks.

Pregnancy is a wonderful time for a woman, but is also a time of  many physical changes due to the extra weight from the baby putting pressure on joints, ligaments and organs often causing discomfort and pain.

Not only can pregnancy massage be physically beneficial, but the human touch can be comforting and provide emotional support during your pregnancy and preparation for giving birth. Pregnancy massage therapy has also been found to reduce anxiety and depression.

Research shows that the babies can also benefit greatly from massage as the “feel good” endorphins released by the mother during the massage are passed onto the baby.  I often feel the baby come up to the surface to have a little massage of their own.

Receiving regular massage throughout the pregnancy is a great way to nurture your body and become aware of the growing baby within.  This also helps with the ability to relax during labour often resulting in shorter and easier births, less pain and a lower rate of postnatal complications.

The benefits of pregnancy massage:-

  • Induces deep relaxation and peaceful sleep – When you are relaxed you will find that your sleep improves.
  • Helps to reduce emotional stress, anxiety and creates a sense of well-being – as already stated pregnancy is a time of great change and this, along with fluctuating hormones and broken sleep can sometimes cause stress levels to rise.   This is ok as long as the stress is also balanced with time to relax and be nurtured.   Regular massage gives you the space to deeply relax and rejuvenate and the time to enjoy your pregnancy and transition into motherhood.
  • Eases pregnancy discomfort  – Massage can soothe back and shoulder pain, sciatica, cramp, sore hips and tired legs.
  • Stimulation of the circulation – This will distribute essential nutrients and fluid to all the vital organs, especially the placenta which will feed and aid the development of the baby.
  • Reduces swelling – Massage eases oedema in the feet, legs, hands and wrists, and helps to avoid varicose veins from developing.
  • Blood pressure – Helps to lower or keep blood pressure balanced.
  • Oxytocin – Massage encourages the release of Oxytocin which is a pain reducing hormone providing vital relief of pain during labour and birth.

The Postnatal Period

The birth of your baby will bring much joy and great happiness.  Both physically and emotionally the postpartum is a time of great change.  Postnatal massage is a good way to take care of yourself  following the birth and having regular massages during the first year especially weekly for the first 6 weeks.  (You are welcome to bring your baby whilst having your post-natal massage).

After having a baby, a mother’s life and her body are changed forever.  Massage can support these changes and help lay the foundations for long-term emotional and physical health for both mother and baby.

When to start postnatal massage

For mother’s that delivered naturally or without complications then you can have a massage whenever you are comfortable and ready.  For those that had Caesarian delivery, it is best to wait at least 2 weeks just so that the scar can heal.

Benefits of Postnatal massage:-

  • Provides deep relaxation – This is extremely important when you are exhausted due to broken sleep from night feeds and gives you time to care for yourself boosting energy levels and reducing feelings of anxiety and stress.
  • Helps promote postnatal recovery – Helping to restore you to a  pre-pregnancy state.  Your body may feel alien to you following the birth, so massage can help you re-adjust and return to your non-pregnant state, also reducing your uterus to the normal size.
  • Postnatal depression – May help prevent and provide support in cases of post-natal depression.
  • Eases aches and pains – Helps to ease back pain and neck pain from carrying the baby and breastfeeding.
  • Circulation – Helps to eliminate excess body fluids and reduces fluid retention.