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Pregnancy MassageI had the incredible pleasure of recently training with the renowned author of Pregnancy and Childbirth – A holistic approach to massage and bodywork – Suzanne Yates.

She has such an incredible amount of knowledge about pregnancy, labour and postnatal care, and I learnt so much from her and can’t wait to pass on my knowledge and new found techniques on to you.

During the training we learnt stretches and exercises that will help release the hips, getting the baby in an optimum position for labour, and also, movements and positions that will help during labour, as well as teach your birthing partner bodywork massage techniques to help.

We learnt techniques using an exercise ball, as this position allows greater access to the lower back, where a lot of tension and pain can build up, especially during the 3rd trimester.

Acupressure points that can help prime for a natural birth, which can be easily taught to both you and your birthing partner to do at home.

Also, we were taught how to work with women during the 1st trimester and higher risk pregnancies, we were also taught lymphatic draining techniques to help those suffering oedema.

Case Studies

As part of the course, I need pregnant client case studies, I am looking for one preferably in the 1st trimester and one in their 2nd trimester as I have two already in the 3rd trimester.

I would need to do a total of 4 massages on you, which would be in a side-lying position, with possible exercise and mobilisation techniques if needed.

I will be offering this at a discounted price of £25.00 per session instead of £40.00.  If you are interested in being my case study, then please give me a call on 07900-278253 or email me at info@paulakemptherapies.co.uk

Update – Thank you, everyone, for your enquiries to be my case study, I now have my full quota of willing bodies.

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  • Yes I am agree with you. Pregnancy and Childbirth – A holistic approach to massage and bodywork – Suzanne Yates.

    Thanks for the great article!!!


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